Karina Design

Over 10 years of experience, knowledge about industry and a passion for fashion gave birth
to this one-man business.

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How to find us?


Are you an enthusiast who await another day with joy to make his or her dreams
come true? Join us!

Send your CV to info@karina-design.pl
Employees are the best investment in the company's future. Karina Design is a fine team of the best specialists in their domains who love just what they do.

Currently, within the Human Capital Operational Programme - Support for the development of professional qualifications and counselling for enterprises, the company have run the project "Design Yourself".

A projected cycle of general training courses and coaching aim to promote activity, motivation and co-operation skills. Extending knowledge about sales, negotiations and customer care techniques and working on soft competencies of the team will surely result in a further development and its positive and professional image for business partners and customers.