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How to find us?

Karina Design

Design Yourself. Our mission is to continuously seek new solutions on the market of fabrics so that we could offer to our customers the best quality and keep them satisfied.

Company Information

Karina Design was established in 2008. Over 10 years of experience, knowledge about the industry and a passion for fashion and design gave birth to this one-man business.

Clearly states business goals and a long-term development strategy caused that today this is an enterprise easily dealing with challenges on Polish and international markets. In order to meet expectations of its customers, Karina Design offers top-quality fabrics imported from such countries as China, Indonesia and Korea. Direct contacts with suppliers allow to build stable business relationships.

Although the textile industry evolves all the time, the position won on the market allows Karina Design to quickly respond to trends in fashion. The design department oriented on developing new forms and models, a regular schedule of meetings with Asian partners and understanding of global trends guarantee top-quality patterns.

Modern logistic solutions of Karina Design and a large warehouse in the very centre of Poland allow to take care of every order individually. Quick and efficient order realisation processes ensure that transactions run smoothly and buyers feel sure about the company. Today, Karina Design co-operates not only with Polish partners, but also with those from Czech Republic, Ukraine or the U. K.


"For 13 years I have actively worked in the textile industry. A passion for fashion and distant travels made me establish my own business. In search of new patterns and colour-texture combinations at least twice a year I visit China and other Asian countries in which innovative fabrics emerge.

Always bearing customers in my mind, I do my best to have top-quality products at the lowest prices possible. I always have true satisfaction about trust you give me. I try to be a counsellor for you at first, and only then a business partner.

Karina Design was established for its customers and that is why a robust business relationship is a basis for our co-operation. Just for you we chase perfection. A satisfied customer who gets back to us to have another propositions of fabrics so that he or she could invent a stunning colourful textile masterpiece... this is a motivation for a further development. Wishing another years of satisfactory co-operation to you and to myself, I recommend my vision fabrics from Karina Design.

Karina Bąk